Suppressing of Sudan’s protesters is a threat to post-revolution freedoms

The crackdown on the demonstration   that took place in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, last Thursday, has created  confusion in the country’s political scene. However, the constitutional document stipulates that everyone has the right to freedom of protest.

The suppression of protesters constitutes danger and  threat to the Glorious December revolution, more than the danger posed   by the  deep state.

Last Thursday, the Federal Ministry of Health in Sudan announced that 51 people had been  injured due to the use of excessive force by the police  during  the disperse  of thousands of protesters who had  gathered in the vicinity of the presidential palace. The demonstrators  were protesting  against the retiring of army officers over their supportive  stance to  protesters during December revolution.

 Protest is a legitimate right

In a statement to Darfur 24,  lieutenant General  Siddiq Ismail, confirmed that demonstrations and marches are legitimate right stipulated  in the constitutional document, but it is the law that regulates this practice, and this task is assigned to the police under the Criminal Procedure Law, and the agreed law obligates those who wish organize  any gathering, march, or protest must apply to the police for permission, and this is not for the purpose of restricting freedoms or right, but it is rather  for the purpose of conducting thing in accordance with the law, so as  to avoid occurrence of conflict and frictions .

Siddiq Ismail said  the  protest organizers  refused to get permission  from the police, based on the constitutional declaration, their behavior  was inconsistent with  the law. However, the police went out to organize and protect the procession and the vehicle until it reached vicinity of the Republican Palace.

The police intervened to prevent citizens from attacking  the palace that being  guarded by the Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces, which have the right to counter any sabotage attempt by using the force it deems appropriate.

Moreover, police forces  were exposed to a blatant attack from the citizens on their property and lives. However, more than 60 members of the police from all ranks were injured   while they were organizing the march.

According to the police General,  police did what they should do in accordance with the law, and in the presence of the Public Prosecution at the scene . The senior police officer said, the police force, did not use anything other than the force that the law permitted  , and did not use any live ammunition and did not fire at  anyone, despite the severity of the attack they had faced from the protesters , stressing that The police performed their duty, and went on to say: If there is any abuse, this  matter is governed by law, but not by targeting, abusing, and defaming the police.

The setback

The forces for Freedom and Change FFC  said, last Thursday, that the police forces exercised a repressive approach and used excessive force  against the peaceful revolutionaries during the  demostration.

The FFC considered   police behavior in attacking the revolutionaries as a setback for the  revolution,   calling on the Council of Ministers to urgently question the Minister of the Interior and the Director of the Police.

FFC reminded the  institutions of the transitional authority to pay attention to the danger   facing the  country, warning that infiltrators might take advantages of  such  opportunities to abort the glorious December Revolution .

On the other hand, the Sudanese Professionals Association  SPA called for the dismissal of the Minister of the Interior and the Director General of the Police, whereby the constitutional document and the Police Law, allow Prime Minster to  immediate dismiss government  leaders who behave in such a way.

The democratic transformation

For  his part , the military expert Major General Abdul Rahman Arbab, speaking to Darfur 24, pointed out that after thirty years of undemocratic rule by  the ousted  salvation government, the democratic rule comes, in a time when  the current young generations is salivating for democratic government.

Abdul Rahman said the Youth have not practiced or seen democratic rule in their entire life time, so at times they commit a lot of mistake when it comes to exercising   democracy rule.

“They learned democratic rule in theory, when it comes to implementation, they will make big mistakes,  and now young people began to apply it, but the application will contain errors that must be addressed, it is everyone’s right to protest and express on the condition that it does not cause sabotage, with time and space determined by the police in order to preserve the property and lives of citizens” added Major General Abdul Rahman Arbab.

“Demanding the dismissal of the Minister of Interior, the Director General of the Police, and the Director of the Khartoum State Police, is  politically motivated  claim, and the investigation will  determine who will be dismissed” Concluded Arbab.










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