Darfur24 exclusive interviewwith Sudan Liberation Movement leader Abdul Wahid El Nur

Abdel Wahid Mohamed Nour - Leader of The sudan liberation Army

What is your take on the agreement that was signed recently between the transitional government and RFF to hand over Albashir and other four suspects to the ICC, given the fact that you already support this inclination ?

Abdul Wahid El Nur  “Al-Bashir must be handed over to the International Criminal Court,”ICC” and indeed those in charge of the authority and the current government must do this, because this is a legal issue and a matter of rights, and this emphasizes the willingness to tolerate and accept the other, and to achieve justice, political codification should not be taken, because justice is a right of the victims, and this  is a private right and not a general one.

However, the pains, tragedies and oppression still in the  imagination of the  victims . The victims  must feel that the state that commited  genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing and rape against them is  now facing  justice and fair trial and a fake justice.”

There are those who call for the prosecution of Al-Bashir and his aides who committed crimes in Darfur and some other areas of Sudan inside Sudan, how do you view this?

“Al-Bashir and all those wanted must be extradited to the International Criminal Court, simply because if Sudan was a state of the rule of law it would not have violated the law, and when Sudan was unable to do so, the matter was elevated to the highest stage, which is general international law, by which it was transformed to the UN Security Council as the highest authority to deal with such a crime. Then UN Security Council refered it to the International Criminal Court, which in turn investigated and charged these suspects  in a scientific way, due to the ability of the International Court to manage these cases, as it had previously administered them in Rwanda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and in the Balkans and other countries. So this court has ability  and knowledge to deal with these types of cases, while the Sudanese judiciary has neither the experience nor the possibility, nor does it have a law regarding dealing with genocide , so such legal issues should not be politicized”. You took up arms in the face of the previous regime in different circumstances, including political disputes, conflicts and civil wars. Now, in your opinion, what are the fundamental solutions for achieving a comprehensive and sustainable peace in the country ?  “First, we did not take up arms against the inte-communal conflicts, we took up arms to confront the state.  tribal conflicts have existed in Sudan since 1956 and before that, and they are not new, but the new character in these  inter-tribal conflict is that the state itself has politicized the conflicts.we rebelled against the regime in order to change it, but the government attacked our (social incubators) in an ethnic manner, and armed some tribes, in order to practice genocide  and ethnic cleansing, which harmed the social fabric, and we as a movement we have been saying that criminals are not the people who were used by the criminals to kill our people,   but rather  are the mastermind that brought the idea of  dividing the Sudanese people into ethnic groups(Arab& African tribes”.  However,  they are one people, whether they are in Darfur or other part of the countries, they have all lived under the oppression of the elite regimes from 1956 to date , and they lived in social harmony and peace, and they had social relations, intermarriage, and political and economic interests, just like all the societies of the world that live in peace and lasting stability. Until the salvation  government led by Albashir came and committed these crimes”. 

Now the government that committed these crimes has gone, and left a heavy burden on the country, what is the solution to these problems from your point of view in the movement?.

“We believe that the fundamental solution is to hold a comprehensive peace conference, so that peace does not have quotas orregionalism approach, such as what is said these days like Darfur track, the Nuba Mountains track, the Blue Nile track, Kordofan track, the East track , and Al Jazeera  track  and so on. We want to sit down and put Sudan’s  issues into one package. However,  we do have an initiative in this regard , and it  will see the light soon.  Because, we consider the problem of the Nuba Mountains is the problem of Darfur, which is the problem of the Blue Nile and the East, and look foward to  state of equal citizenship and the state of institutions that do not exist in Sudan”.

Sudanese people  are divided between supporters and opponents, regarding normalization with the state of Israel, what is the your movement’s stand in this respect?  “We, as the Sudan Liberation Movement, are not used to hypocrisy on the Sudanese citizens. We have been facing things as they are without fraud, and according to our experience with the government that committed  genocide, ethnic cleansing, war crimes and crimes against humanity against our people, we belive that most of the Sudanese who went to Israel to escape death, have been granted  asylum by the government of Israel” .  So, if you talk about normalization, social normalization has actually happened with Israel, whether by intermarriage,  work or otherwise, and our people there are many, and they live in peace more than what is in their country, and we are like our policy movement open with all countries of the world that have victims and we went to them wherever they are to confirm Our solidarity with them, while the government tries to criminalize and demonize everyone who went to Israel, but we see that Israel is grateful for having received our people , and we see that criminals are the ones who forced, subjugated and pushed them to disperse all over the world.

What about the political approach to accept normalization with Israel from the reality of Alburhan Netanyahu’s meeting in Uganda ?

“Regarding political normalization, we, the Sudan Liberation Movement, have a clear position. We have said this since 2007, that normalization must take place between the states of Sudan and Israel in accordance with mutual interests.

As for the Palestinian issue, just as we fought for rights, our position is very clear that we  belive in a two-state solution, in other words, we want the Israeli and Palestinian people to live peacefully  in two neighboring countries”.

Does that mean  if you assume  power, there will be relations between Sudan and Israel?


“We, as a movement, if we come to power we will vail chance  to the Israelis open embassies in Khartoum and consulates in the states, and they, in turn, will allow  us to open embassies and consulates according to the interests of the two nations”.

But there is a trend among the Sudanese people that opposes this inclination?


“Yes, the fact that the Sudanese people are between supporters and opponents, this is normal, and we have been fighting for the benefit of the Sudanese citizens, and the citizens are the ones who decides, and in my estimation that the vast majority of the Sudanese people are now freed from illusions , and are now looking at the issue of the interest of the country”..







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