Sudan set to form  Internal Security Apparatus

نمر عبد الرحمن


April 14, 2020 (Khartoum) Member of  the Forces for Freedom and Change FFC ,Kamal Boulad, ruled out  formation of the Internal Security Apparatus before the coming Ramadan, due to the lack of new developments regarding the formation process, but he expected that the coming week would witness new developments, given that  people urgently need to resolve this file.

The beginning of last March witnessed a trilateral meeting that brought together, the Council of Sovereignty,the Cabinet  and Forces for Freedom and Change. However,  it  came out with the idea of  forming  an  Internal Security Apparatus, that would report to the  Ministry of Interior.

The tripartite meeting decided at that time to form a committee to be  affiliated with the Ministry of Interior to draft the security law, and then the body would be formed on the basis of this law.

The descion to form the mentioned Internal security apparatus was taken  after the assassination attempt of  Prime Minister, Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk.

Recently, the Sudanese Professionals Association SPA called for the need to accelerate the procedures  of forming  Internal Security apparatus that reports to the Ministry of Interior,  and  ensure its assimilation of honorable Sudanese, as it helps in achieving the goals of the revolution by carefully defining the role of all institutions of the transitional period.

Bulad told Darfur 24 that, up to now, the composition of the agency has not been discussed, and therefore there is little new, and that much of what was discussed previously was confined to the idea of ​​the apparatus  and its general features only, and that it is affiliated with the Ministry of Interior.

Bollad, who is a member of the Council  of national consensus, said that the focus of the transitional government is currently limited to fighting the Coronavirus pandemic and improving the economic situation in the country, but he did not rule out at the same time the formation of Internal Security Apparatus.

Presidency of the Internal Security  apparatus

Bollad closed the door of speculation about the presidency of the Internal Security   apparatus saying: “Leadership will not be for the forces of freedom and change … Leadership will be for Sudanese professionals. Until now , it has not been decided whether civilain or military  will lead the proposed agency.

Regarding the functions of the apparatus and the absorption mechanism within it, Boulad said that this is determined by the law, because there is no agreement about it yet, and he went on to say: “The discussions were public about its importance, role and follow-up to internal issues by protecting constitutional figures, and then the law comes to detail all the tasks”

Absence of information

For his part , member of the Supreme Legal Committee of the Forces for Freedom and Change, Sati al-Hajj, told Darfur 24 that the file of security apparatus had not yet been transferred to them until their committee began preparing for its own law. While the leader of the Forces for Freedom and Change, Siddiq Yusef, told “Darfur 24″, I do not have any information regarding the law of the security  apparatus, and that the extent of the information that I possess does not exceed my knowledge of the decision”

In a related development , a  leader from  Forces for Freedom and Change , Nour Salah, said that  Coronavirus  pandemic and the economic crisis in the country were currently controlling the government’s attention, which makes the internal security apparatus file  less importance at the present time.

Nour, considered that the task  of the Security apparatus will not differ much from those of the intelligence apparatus, except that it is concerned with internal affairs. At the same time, he did not rule out opening the door for recruitment to accommodate staff from  former National intelegence services.

On the presidency of the security apparatus, Nour, who is the deputy political secretary of the Sudanese Congress Party – one of the components of the forces for freedom and change – said “there is a consensus in the constitutional document that the reforms and restructuring operations are within the competence of the military component, but this does not preclude the existence of consultation and consensus on These issues”.

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