Proliferation of unlicensed firearms fuels tribal fighting in Darfur

قوات الدعم السريع تحرس ابقار اعادتها لاصحابها بمنطقة ابوجابرة

May 16, 2020 – A week after the outbreak of tribal fighting between
Fallatah and Rizeigat tribes, which claimed lives of more than 40
people from both tribes, the government  forced the two parties to
sign a document to stop hostilities.

However, the government has deployed thousands strong combat forces on
500 vehicles,  led by  Abd al-Rahim Dagalo, deputy commander of  rapid
support forces( RSF), to stop  fighting,  and  looting.

It’s been reported that some militias are taking advantage of the
vacuum caused by the insecurity to loot cattle.

Speaking from Tulus, South Darfur ,Lt. Gen. Abdel-Rahim Dagalo, deputy
commander of rapid support forces, who’s in charge of the operation ,
“Restoring right”  said that the government had  deployed 500 vehicles
full of troops throughout the state to carry out the tasks of
returning the looted livestock to their owners,  restore security  and
reassurance to  the citizens of the state, especially the areas
affected by  the conflict.
Dagalo added that perpetrators would be  arrested and brought to
immediate and  fair trial.

Cause of the fighting
According to eyewitnesses who spoke to Darfur 24, the conflict erupted
in a small village, north of the city of Tulus,  when  a group of
youth of Fallatah tribe, accused  three young men from the Rizeigat
tribe, returning from a village market in the night hours, of trying
to carry out a crime of theft in the area.

Killing and looting

Haj Ibrahim, from Abu Jabra, near the city of Gereida, about 70
kilometers from Nyala, told Darfur24 ” villagers were surprised by an
attack by gunmen  on four-wheel drives vehicles and camels, attacked
the village, killed 9 people and looted thousands of cows”

The Nazir of Fallata, Youssef Al-Sammani, said that gunmen from
several tribes took advantage of the incident,  spread in  the grazing
area of  Fallata tribe throughout the state,  and carried out
widespread looting of the Fallata livestock.

“If I had the authority to gather my parents in one area, so that they
would not again be subjected to such abuse, I would gather them” Added

Conflicting information

The nature of this conflict and its difference from all the tribal
conflicts that Darfur has witnessed throughout the history of the
tribal fighting , by focusing on the plunder of livestock, and at one
time and in several areas.
In a statement issued by governor of the state, Major General Hashim
Khalid, accused  seven tribes of  involvement in fighting with Fallata
tribe, and justified his accusation,  that the previously mentioned
seven  tribes  having ancient hostilities with Falata tribe.
Meanwhile, the governor’s statements faced with widespread criticism
from the state community, and a number of tribes issued statements
denying their involvement in the conflict.
Addressing mass crowd and dignitaries from tribes of Fallata,
Rezeigat, Bani Halba and Gimir in Katila locality, in the presence of
RSF deputy commander and the governor of South Darfur, representative
of the stolen cattle owners, said that the livestock had been looted
by thieves but not by tribes.

Recovering looted cattle
Government forces, managed to retrieve five thousands of the stolen
cattle, from various parts of Darfur and return them to their owners,
however, the leadership of t Fallata tribe ,confirms that what has
been recovered is only a small portion of the livestock that was
Collection of unlicensed firearms

The issue of  proliferation of weapons in the hands of citizens, is
the biggest challenge facing the government, and one of the reasons
that lead to the outbreak of armed conflicts between tribes for the
simplest reasons, as some tribes in Darfur possess an arsenal of
weapons of all kinds, heavy, light and medium.

Rapid Support forces  Deputy Commander, Lieutenant General Abd
al-Rahim Daglo pledged to collect weapons from all tribes with the
same seriousness that the Rapid Support Forces dealt with the conflict
between Rizeigat and Fallatah,

Addressing a mass crowd and tribal leaders in Nyala, Dagalo said , “I
understand that you are not uncomfortable with collecting weapons, and
are afraid of being collected from some tribes and left with other

“I promise you that the campaign will include all the tribes and our
forces will target all the tribes at same time” RSF deputy commander

Cessation of hostilities

Meanwhile, a joint efforts by  member of the Sovereign Council, First
Lieutenant General Hamdan Daglo and leaders of the native
administration in the state, resulted  in the signing of  an agreement
to stop hostilities between the two parties. However, the agreement
stipulated that all hostilities be stopped with immediate effect in
all directions, making sure that lives of all citizens are secured

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