RSF arrest 160 Sudanese nationals on their way to Libya to fight as mercenaries

July 15, 2020 -The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in North Darfur, have announced the arrest of 160 people, including Syrians, on their way to Libya across the desert to fight as mercenaries with the parties to
the conflict there.

RSF  said that the arrest operation had taken place on the desert borders with the countries of Egypt and Chad, adding that the detainees had been returned to the state capital, El Fasher.

Commander of the Rapid Support Forces, North Darfur sector, Brigadier General Jeddo Hamdan Ahmed Abu Shouk, said in a press statement Thursday that his forces were able to arrest 160 people, including 2 from Syria, who were going to fight as mercenaries in Libya,

The Libyan National Accord government, which is  recognized by the United Nations and based in Tripoli, accuses Sudanese authorities of sending mercenaries to fight alongside the forces of retired Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, an issue that  the Sudanese government denies.

For his part, the representative of the spokesperson for the Rapid Support Forces, Lt. Col. Adam Mohamed Ahmed Saleh, said that Sudan is going through a pivotal stage that requires everyone to join hands and
distance themselves from narrow tribal bargains.

Adam Mohamed ,pointed out that the total number of  illegal immigrants arrested  by the rapid support forces and security forces have so far have reached at least 282 people, the majority of whom are Sudanese.

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