Death toll of El Geneina tribal clashes rises to six

July 20, 2020 ( El-Geneina) Clashes resumed on Monday in Al-Geneina, the capital of West Darfur State, where two people were killed, bringing the number of victims to six, since armed confrontations
between Arabs and Masalit broke out yesterday evening, while three RSF soldiers were wounded, after they had  been assaulted by two outlaws.

Darfur 24 correspondent reported from El Geneina that the fighting was renewed near the customs area, where two Arab tribesmen were attacked, one of whom died, and the body of one of the youths was
found in the nearby neem forest, while  preliminary information indicates that he died of knife stab wounds and beating with machetes in the head.

In a related development ,  security source, said that three  Rapid support forces  (RSF) affiliates were attacked in the customs by unknown persons, where  they seriously wounded.
While all government institutions, banks and markets have closed, barricades have been laid in the streets that are clear of passers-by and shooting has resumed.

Darfur 24 indicates that the city of El Geneina is witnessing a serious security deterioration and chaos, amidst a proliferation of weapons and the absence of security services

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