Withdrawal of SPLM-N al-Hilu  threatens Sudan’s peace

The Forces for Freedom and Change FFC has  announced that it will hold consultations  with the government negotiating delegation in Juba, and even the Popular Movement in the North led by Abdulaziz
Al-Hilu, with a view to returning them to the negotiating table in the capital of the state of South Sudan, in order to reach understandings that pave the way for peace before the next Friday date that set for
signing comprehensive peace agreement.

FFC’s decision to conduct consultations was taken hours after the mediation froze peace talks between the two sides.

The suspension comes in response to the withdrawal of the SPLM-N al-Hilu from the peace talks on Thursday to protest the involvement of Mohamed Hamdan Daglo ’Hemetti’ the General Commander of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in the peace process.

Reasons for withdrawal

Gatluak further expressed his frustration from the position of the SPLM-N al-Hilu saying that the mediation has nothing to do with choosing whoever represents Sudan in the negotiations. Tut Gatluak who is also a close presidential aide for Salva Kiir recalled that al-Hilu had signed an agreement with SRF commander and
Sudan’s deputy head of the Sovereign Council to engage in peace talks in September 2019.

Those who spoke to Darfur 24, wondered about the timing of this condition and the new hidden dimensions it carries.
The chief mediator,  confirmed that the movement’s  delegation would remain in the lands of the State of South Sudan, and that the mediation team would hold consultations with it to resume negotiations

Unfortunate move
A leader from the Forces for Freedom and Change, Nour Salah, told Darfur 24, that the SPLM’s decision, yesterday, to withdraw, and the announcement of mediation today, Friday to freeze  negotiations, is an
unfortunate step after a remarkable development in the negotiations, hoping that SPLM-N al Hilu  will review its position and avoid intransigence. Especially after the government delegation showed
flexibility and positive stances.

Nour, who is the deputy political secretary of the Sudanese Congress Party – a component of the government – said that the differences lie in procedural details that have nothing to do with the issues that are supposed to be the subject of negotiation, expecting at the same time that the SPLM, led by Al-Helou, would take a positive step forward.

Hemeti represents the Government

Writer and political analyst, Abdullah Adam Khater agreed, with Nour, that the decision to freeze is an unfortunate development , and also regrets the occurrence of this rift at this time.  In fact, the presence of Hemedti, in Juba, is not because  he represents rapid support forces ,” but rather, the government of Sudan
that seeks peace and negotiates with all parties to  stop the attacks at the local and tribal level”

SPLM-N al hilu will return to the negotiation table

Khater expected, in an interview with Darfur 24, the return of Al-Helou to the negotiating table, and he indicated that peace has become a popular demand at the level of Sudan, and it has become
inevitable, and all parties are required to sign peace.

Khater wished that the negotiations in order to reach peace would not be prolonged in light of the other problems that Sudan is experiencing, especially the economic ones, saying: “I do not hope
that we wait more than the time announced by the mediation to sign peace agreement on August 28 to sign.”

The writer and political analyst ,Abdullah Adam Khater, called on all negotiation parties to work with more perseverance and professionalism so that the country enjoys peace and political compromise, and the war
becomes a story from Sudan’s past.

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