Scandal of the director of the American Catholic Relief Organization in Sudan ends in a settlement

Manager of the American Catholic Relief Organization in Sudanو closed
the file of the accusations against him after racially abused a
Sudanese security guard, however he reached a financial settlement
with the complainant that ended with dropping of the case.
Last August, the Sudanese police arrested Idris Moamen, an American
citizen of Moroccan origin, who works as country director of the
American Catholic Relief Organization, following an arrest warrant
issued against him by the Public Prosecution Office, on charges of
insulting a Sudanese with racist language.

Moamen began to be confused after the arrival of the police team to
his residence, and it seems that he did not imagine that the
misfortune that occurred between him and the Sudanese security guard
would lead to his arrest and to be put in police custody, before he
was released on bail.

Details of the case began, according to what the complainant, Mustafa
Babiker, recounts, while he works as a security guard at the
defendant’s residence, the organization’s director’s procrastinated
in paying financial dues to the complainant in return for the domestic
work he was asked to do.

” I used to work as a security guard at the defendant’s house as an
envoy from Al-Hadaf Security Services Company, and one day he asked me
to take out water that gathered under the house for a sum of money
worth 700 pounds, when I completed the work he delayed paying the
money that we had agreed upon “Musrafa Babiker told darfur24.

The residential security guard  explained that the director of the
humanitarian organization expelled him from working at his home
because he was late in opening the door to his wife, who was coming
from abroad at that moment, which led him later to procrastinate in
paying him his financial dues.

He added, “After he told me that he did not want my services, I asked
him to clear my financial dues at his side, so he asked that we come
to him on the second day, and when I went to him on the date, he
closed the door in my face as soon as he saw me coming.”

He continued, “I knocked on the door again, and he went out furious,
and addressed me, saying: What do you want, slave.”

Mustafa confirmed that he was surprised by the behavior of the
director of the foreign organization, who continued to refuse to
respond to him despite being told that he had come on the basis of a
predetermined date for him to take his financial dues.

It seems that Idris Moamen, director of the American Catholic Relief
Organization in Sudan, did not expect at all that the security guard,
would go on this path, as he hastened to contain the case in its
infancy until he succeeded in reaching a settlement with the
complainant, which led to dropping of the case , after paying to the
security guard  800 US dollars.

The complainant’s lawyer, Salem Mohamed Ahmed, told “Darfur 24” that
the accused Idris Moamen offered to settle the case in exchange for
financial compensation to the complainant, explaining that the
settlement was attended by representatives of Alhadaf company in which
the complainant works.

He added, “We reached an agreement after three meetings that brought
us together in a restaurant on Airport Street in Khartoum, and
included all of the accused, his lawyer and one of the observers in
Al-Hadaf company, in addition to the complainant, his brother and his

The source explained that the organization’s director initially
sought help from its famous lawyer’s office in Khartoum in exchange
for a huge sum of money to defend him in the case, but he later
retracted and offered a settlement before reaching the court.

Darfur 24, was not able to reach the director of the American
Organization in Sudan, Idris Moamen, to comment on the circumstances
of the case.

The American Catholic Relief Organization has been working in the
humanitarian field in Sudan since 2004, and its work is focused in
Darfur, where it has built schools and health centers.

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