Widespread of TB disease in West Darfur

November 23, 2020 (El-Genena ) The Ministry of Health in West Darfur revealed a large spread of TB in the state, at a time when tuberculoses treatment centers suffer from a shortage of medicines.

The Director of the Tuberculosis Department, Salma Omar, told Darfur 24 that the state has recorded many cases of tuberculosis during the past few days, and that treatment centers receive more than five cases of TB every day.

Salma attributed the spread of the disease in the state to the interruption of treatment due to the failure of patients to follow up the treatment stages, and stated that most of the patients are from Chad and leave for their country in the early stages of treatment.

Salma Omar warned about the danger of the citizens of the state housing foreign patients in their homes, which causes infection in most cases, and indicated the lack of medicines in some cases in treatment centers, and explained that the state has 12 treatment centers distributed in all localities.

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