Senior RSF officer questions integrity of government forces in Darfur



Commander of the Rapid Support Forces RSF, in central Darfur State , Brigadier General Ali Yaqoub, questioned the integrity of the security services in West Darfur, saying that  their reformulation was important..

During his meeting with the delegation of the states of North and South Darfur and a delegation from the Revolutionary Front in the city of El Geneina, Yaqoub said, on Monday, that all the security services are accused of participating in the incidents..

The high-ranking RSF officer questioned the integrity of some security forces in West Darfur, saying the military system needs to be reformulated.

Yaqoub described the situation in El Geneina as catastrophic and needs the efforts of the entire country  ,making  clear that the situation in El Geneina will cause problems for the entire Sudan if it is not remedied .  Two days ago, the city of El Geneina, the capital of West Darfur State, witnessed violent fighting between the Masalit and Arab tribes, resulting in the of  killing over 130 people and wounding more than 150 others

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