Nazir of Rezeigat Mediates to resolve a conflict between Hemeti and Hilal


Special sources told Darfur 24 that a meeting between deputy chairman of Sudan’s  Sovereign Council , Lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo and  Chairman of the  Revolutionary Awakening Council, Sheikh Musa Hilal, was  mediated by Nazir  of  Rizeigat tribe  on Monday

The sources said   the meeting took place at Hemedti’s house and the deputy commander of the  Rapid Support forces  Lieutenant-General Abdul Rahim Dagalo and a number of leaders of the native  administrations also attended, adding  that the  meeting was dominated by the spirit of tolerance and forgiveness, and lasted for more than three hours.

The reliable sources indicated that the two parties agreed to overcome many points of disagreement and agreed to address the conflict that lasted for more than four years.

The sources expected that Sheikh Musa Hilal and his companions who have been behind bars since 2017 would be released soon.


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