Sudan’s Burhan arrives in Juba for talks with Hulu



Nyala-Darfur 24

The Chairman of the Sudanese Transitional Military Council Abdel Farrah al-Burhan has this morning arrived in the South Sudanese capital Juba for talks with holdout opposition groups, according to a statement by the presidency.

Al-Burhan was accompanied on his one-day visit to Juba, Minister of Justice Nasreddin Abdel-Bari.
Since earlier this month, leader of Sudan Liberation Movement/Army General Abdel Wazir Nuor and the leader of the SPLM-North Abdel Azaz Adam al Hilu have been in Juba.

While the sources did not rule out that the “Burhan-Salva Kiir” summit would discuss the issues of the border with Ethiopia and the Renaissance Dam.

Ethiopian and Eritrean presidents visited Juba recently as part of the state of polarization in the region after the Sudanese army regained the Fashaqa border area, which had been controlled by Ethiopian militias for more than two decades.

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