SPLM North accuses government of involvement in West Darfur incidents

Darfur24 -Nyala
The Sudan people Liberation movement has accused the central government in Khartoum of directly involved in the communal violence that is currently taking place in the city of EL-Genina,  the capital of West Darfur between Arabs and non-Arab tribes.
The secretary general of the movement Amaar Amon Daldom said in ac statement seen by Darfur24 , that the types of weapons used in the tribal fighting proves without any doubts that the government of Khartoum had a hand in the ongoing tribal conflict in west Darfur.
The city of EL-Genina has been witnessing fierce fighting between Arabs and Masalit tribes since Sunday.
However, the fighting which continued for the a third consecutive day led to the killing of 50 people and  134 others.
The armed struggle movement has also condemned the reoccurrence of tribal violence between various ethnic groups in west Darfur, accusing the government of turning a blind eye.
The movement  called on the transitional government to dissolve the Rapid support forces and reintegrate them in a unified national army.
The movement said in the statement that the proliferation of weapons in the hands of militias and civilians makes peace almost impossible to attain.

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