Sultan of Masalit hints to separate El Geneina from Sudan


Darfur 24-El-Geneina

The Sultan of Dar Masalit, Saad Abd al-Rahman Bahr al-Din, has appealed  to humanitarian organizations to provide urgent assistance to  those affected by the tribal fighting in the city of El Geneina, the capital of West Darfur, and at the same time hinted to return to the “Gilani” agreement and  use the right of self-determination.

Saad said in a press conference in El Geneina that the humanitarian conditions that have resulted from the recent tribal violence have become awful.


Sultan Saad accused the government of not paying attention to the issue of El Geneina and the Sultanate of Dar Masalit, which he said has become a complex  that requires deep thinking of all components.


Saad hinted  to reconsider the “Gilani” agreement signed by the Sultanate of Dar Masalit in 1919-1921  with France and Great Britain, according to which Dar Masalit joined Sudan in the year 1922



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