Minister of Higher Education calls for exemption of universities from closure decision

وزيرة التعليم العالي، بروفيسور انتصار صغيرون

Darfur 24- Khartoum

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has asked the Supreme Committee for Health Emergencies to exempt  some universities and colleges from the decision to close universities, which was taken by the committee on Tuesday. The Supreme Committee for Health Emergencies decided in its meeting on Tuesday evening to close universities and schools and stop mass prayers and rituals in all places of worship, in addition to preventing entry to those coming from the state of India, as part of its precautions to prevent the spread of Corona virus in the country.  Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Professor Intisar Sagharioun, stated  in a letter addressed to the Higher Committee for Health Emergencies, that some universities and colleges are under conditions that necessitate their exclusion from this decision, especially those with admission and registration procedures.

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