Covid-19 vaccination campaign kicks off in East Darfur


East Darfur has launched a mass vaccination rollout campaign against Covid-19 in a bid to combat the spread of the disease.


The vaccination campaign against the Coronavirus began Sunday in Al- Daein teaching hospital , targeting medical workers and the elderly in the state.


At the launching ceremony of vaccination at Al-Daein Hospital, the Director of Curative Medicine at the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Mutawakkil Adam Abu Al-Qasem appealed to all doctors and medical  staff to make sure to take a dose of vaccination against Covid 19.

Two days ago, the state Ministry of Health announced the arrival of 5 thousand  Coronavirus doses from the Federal Ministry of Health, with the aim of immunizing medical personnel in the state

Dr. Mutawakel roled out any harmful side effects of the dose, but acknowledged the existence of a slight fever and headache.

He stated that the campaign will continue for ten days in all state hospitals, starting with medical field workers and the elderly, then everyone except for pregnant women and children.

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