Darfur women demand 40% representation in the government  

نائبة رئيس اليوناميد تتوسط نساء المعسكر بعد تسليمهن الماكينات


August 30, 2021 (Khartoum) The women of Darfur region have asked  the  transitional government to  implement the percentage of women’s participation in government, which was limited to 40%, as stipulated in the Juba Peace Agreement and the  constitutional document.


Speaking to Sudan News Agency on Sunday, Aisha Ibrahim, member of Darfur  track,  said women’s demands are a right guaranteed to them by the constitutional document, and that they find solidarity from feminist bodies and qualitative groups advocating for women’s issues, based on Resolution No. 1325, which was ratified by the Sudanese government.

Aisha called on the Peace Commission to assume its responsibility and to oblige state institutions, parties to the peace process and political parties to achieve the women’s quota ,urging the mediation, the guarantors and the international community to work on the immediate treatment of the imbalance and violations that accompanied the non-application of this percentage.

Hikma Ibrahim, member of the Darfur Women’s Track, described women’s participation in the current government  as zero when compared to their  male counterparts, pointing out that they did not participate in the various committees such as the Supreme Committee headed by the President of the Sovereignty Council and the Executive Committee of the Conference of the Governance, the Council of Partners and the Peace Parties Committee, in addition to the decision to appoint a governor for the Darfur region.

Najat called on the Sovereignty Councils, council of  ministers and the partners to form the Legislative Council within a maximum period of 48 hours, as well as the formation of the Women’s Commission and the Peace Commission and the formation of a temporary coordinating committee for a commission of Darfuri women.

Najat also appealed to the Supreme Committee to come out and reveal to the families of the victims and the Sudanese people the prisoners and missing persons within three weeks from today, in addition to the necessity of activating the Constitutional Court as soon as possible.

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