Health Condition of Al-Safanna Deteriorates in Prison

السافنا يستمع لحديث موسى هلال


September 8, 2021 (Al-Daein) Family of  prisoner, Ali Rizkallah, also known as Al-Savanah, revealed that his health condition had deteriorated inside the prison, due to a heart disease.

Al-Safanna’s wife, Zohour Haroun Hassabo, said that her husband is currently living in detention, in poor health, due to heart disease.

Al-Safna has been in a military intelligence prison in the Karari suburb of Omdurman since 2017, after he was captured in battles between the movement he leads and government forces in Darfur.

Al-Savna had signed an agreement with the Sudanese government, and was absorbed into the Sudanese armed forces with the rank of lieutenant colonel. However, he  returned to the rebellion and entered into confrontations with the government in the year 2017, immediately after the government announced the decision to collect unlicensed weapons and unregistered  cars in Darfur.

Al-Safna has been tried for years in a military court, and was charged with several charges, some of which carry the death penalty if convicted.

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