7 Killed, others wounded in tribal clashes in Darfur


September 11, 2021 (Nyala) Seven people were killed and others were injured in a tribal violence  between  two ethnic groups in Markundi area of Kabum locality, west of Nyala city, the capital of South Darfur State.


 South Darfur State Police Director Major General Ali Hasab al-Rasoul told Darfur 24 that the incident occurred  between young men from the Bani Halba and Al-Sharfa tribes, west of the Markundi locality,leaving   7 people and an uncounted number of wounded on both sides.

Ali Hasab al-Rasoul confirmed  that the State Security Committee acted urgently and sent a joint force yesterday evening and managed to contain the situation after its arrival this morning.


A teacher at Markandi School, Numan Muhammad, told Darfur 24 that the causes of the problem were trigged killing of a young man from the Bani Halba tribe at the hands of young men from the Al-Sharfa tribe, yesterday afternoon in one of the villages west of Markundi area.   It is noteworthy that the two tribes of Bani Halba and Al-Shorfa, which inhabit the Markandi area and the neighboring villages, have intermarriage ties and long years of peaceful coexistence and interaction, unaffected by the waves of conflict experienced by the Darfur region during the past years


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