SLM al-Nur Releases a Prisoner of War on Health Ground


September 11, 2021 (Nyala) The Sudan Liberation Movement, led by Abdel Wahed Nour, said  Saturday  that it had released a prisoner  who fell into its custody last February  due to his health condition.


The  official spokesman of the armed struggle movement , Muhammad Abdul Rahman Al-Nayer, stated that the decision to release  prisoner Abdul Rahim Muhammad Hussein was taken in compliance with international conventions and treaties related to the treatment of prisoners of war, and in light of his health condition.


 According to the statement, which  was seen by Darfur24 the captive is a member of  government militias that have been attacking the movement’s control areas, and he fell into the hands of the movement’s forces in the Rakonaarea on February 4, 2021


Al-Nayer indicated that the movement handed over the prisoner to the International Committee of the Red Cross on August 31, 2021, in order to hand him over to his relatives..  The statement affirmed the movement’s desire and seriousness to achieve a just, comprehensive and sustainable peace in Sudan, addressing the roots of the historical crisis, and in which everyone participates except for the former regime and its facades.


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