Sudanese authorities arrest 40 officers for their involvement in the coup attempt

محمد الفكي الناطق باسم المجلس السيادي


September 21, 2021 (Khartoum) The Sudanese authorities have arrested scores of army officers for their involvement in the failed coup attempt, today, Tuesday.


Anadolu Agency quoted a Sudanese military source as saying that 40 officers were arrested for their involvement in the failed coup attempt.

Member of the Sudanese Sovereign Council, Mohamad al-Faki, said that those behind  the coup attempt have been arrested, and they are now being investigated.

Al-Faki pointed out that the Sudanese army is currently negotiating with military units in the armored corps participating in the coup to surrender without resistance.

It is expected that a joint statement will be issued by the components of the transitional government, after the meeting of the Sovereignty Councils and the council of Ministers, which is being held at these moments in Khartoum.

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