Darfur 24 sheds light on October 21 processions in the cities of Darfur


October 21, 2021 (Al-Geniena) Tens of thousands of citizens of the cities of Nyala, El Geneina, El Daein and El Fasher which are the capitals of Darfur states, participated in the processions of the anniversary of the October 21 revolution, which the forces of the Sudanese revolution called for.

Today marks the 57th anniversary of the October 21 revolution, which overthrew the rule of General Ibrahim Abboud in 1964.

Darfur24 correspondents deployed in the cities of Darfur reported  the processions of October 21 and the most prominent demands that emerged in the banners of the participants in the processions, which focused on the need to transfer power to civilians, in addition to its rejection of attempts to undermine the transitional period through military coups, in addition to completing the country’s ruling institutions by forming the Revolutionary Legislative Council.

One of the organizers of the processions in West Darfur, engineer, Mohamed Musa Al-Ghali, said that they took to streets to assure the military component and the remnants of the former regime that the ranks were differentiated between the forces of civil democratic transformation and the forces of apostasy and onslaught.

Al-Ghali stated that the revolutionaries are demanding the handover of the presidency of the Sovereign Council to the civilian component, along with the formation of the Legislative Council and the integration of militias into a unified national army.

While the leader of the Forces of Freedom and Change in South Darfur, Shams El-Din Ahmed Saleh, said that the masses of the revolution protested in all the cities of Sudan to say that the ranks of supporters of democratic transformation were distinguished from the ranks of supporters of tyranny, oppression and authoritarianism.

Shams El-Din stressed that the revolution is still committed to its demands of democratic transformation, completing the tasks of the transitional period, removing the empowerment of the enforcement system, recovering looted funds, and forming a professional and unified army.

The streets of downtown Nyala, before and after organizing the processions, witnessed chases by the police of groups of young people who tried to divert the path of the processions into the big market in Nyala, where the police used tear gas extensively to disperse the demonstrators.

The processions  witnessed verbal altercations between the leadership of the convoy and a group affiliated with the Sudan Liberation Army, headed by Minawi, and the Third Front Movement, Tamazuj.

The same chases also returned after the processions ended and citizens heard the sound of firearms and tear gas canisters in the neighborhoods near the end point of the processions in the State Legislative Council. The Darfur 24 correspondent was unable to verify the injuries among the demonstrators.

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