Darfur24 sheds light on infringement of press freedom in Sudan


20.11.2021 (Khartoum)The administration of Alsudani newspaper has decided to suspend publication for ten days.

However, journalist Omer Shaban told Darfur24 that the decision to suspend publication was taken to protest against the accessive use of force by security forces against peaceful protesters on 17 Nov in Bahri neighborhood in Khartoum.

Authorities have also arrested journalist Ali Faris while covering 27 Nov procession. Faris was subjected to brutal beating , where the video of his assault by security forces went viral on social media..

Sudanese intelligence forces took journalist of Aljazeera channel to their premises late on the night of 17 Nov while he was coming from a trip where he had covered Bahri procession.

While the blindfolded journalist Abel raouf was interrogated for four consecutive hours by security forces.

In another development, security forces arrested head of Aljazeera office in Khartoum on 11 Nov at his accommodation and then took him to Kubar prison in southern suburbs of Khartoum due to his coverage of procession in the Sudanese capital..

Staff of the Qatari channel in Khartoum are being harassed by military intelligence..

Sudanese journalist network several infringement on journalist, saying in a statement that reporter shawgi Abdel Azim was detained blindfolded for several hours..

Journalist Hagar Suliman was shot in his foot , while editor of Alsudani newspaper was chased at night by unknown people who tried collide his car.

Authorities in the city of Nyala- arrested journalist Madibo who works for Darfur24 electronic newspaper.

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