Fears of tribal clashes after  looting of 350 camels in West Darfur

25.11.2021(El-Geneina) The northern areas of West Darfur state, adjacent to the border strip with Chad, are witnessing security tensions and a wide mobilization movement against the backdrop of the theft of more than 350 heads of camels near the Hatana area 80 km north of El Geneina, the state capital.

However, late October, Al-Hattana areas and the neighboring border villages witnessed  tribal violence between the Arabs and the Zaghawa over the theft of livestock, that resultede in the killing of 8 people from both sides.

On the tenth of November, the two parties signed a peace document in the Kulbus area, in the presence of advisers from the leadership of the Rapid Support Forces and the Sudan Liberation Movement, Minawi’s wing.

The two sides committed to stopping the hostilities and returning the looted livestock, while the advisors of the Rapid Support Forces and the Minawi Movement committed to paying the blood money(Diya
(, but after five days of cessation of hostilities, more than 350 heads of camels were looted again from the area.

Sources told Darfur24 about large gathering in the northern areas of the state of owners of livestock looted from the Arab nomads in preparation for their recovery, while the Zaghawa are being assembled and mobilized inside and outside the border strip.

Darfur 24 learned from sources that senior government leaders, including the Second Commander of Rapid Support, Lieutenant-General Abdel Rahim Dagalo, and Darfur Governor Minni Arko Minawi, contacted the parties to the conflict to urge them to listen to the voice of reason.

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