Investigative report on the circumstances of Kolgi incident in North Darfur


El-Fashir, Feb 4(Darfur24) The statement of the commander of the joint forces in the Kolgi area , which we published yesterday, Tuesday stated that the a clash between the forces of the movements and the gunmen took place in the area between Al-Radmiah and Damra Koolaki, and that the gunfire reached the site where the joint forces camped.


A number of military witnesses whose statements Darfur24 has seen in the committee’s report stated that the armed clash with the movement’s forces took place at eight in the morning, and that the distance between the site of the inccident and the camp they were in was about a kilo and a half.


While some witnesses said that they saw a gathering of people in Kolgi before the first of August 2021, at a time when security tensions increased in the area as a result of the arrest of two residents by a force wearing police uniforms on a  vehicle belonging to the forces of the Sudan Liberation Movement, which the people believed was an arrest illegal.


The same witnesses confirmed that the forces of the parties to the peace process moved on the fourth of August without the knowledge of the leadership of the army, the Sixth Infantry Division, and without coordination with the State Security Committee and the relevant authorities, which necessitated an emergency meeting of the State Security Committee, according to which the status of the forces stationed near Zamzam camp for displaced people.


In all of the witnesses’ statements, the movements’ forces violated their leadership’s directives by taking the western route of Zamzam-Kolgi-Tabit instead of the eastern route of Zamzam-Abu Zreika-Tabit, in addition to the directives issued to them to move at five o’clock Thursday evening, but they breached it  and on  moved Friday morning, August 6th 2021.

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