The tragedy of abducting, killing children in South Darfur


Nyala, March 13 (Darfur24) After more than two months of pain, sadness, anticipation and a strenuous search for the three-year-old child, Mohamed Salah, who disappeared from his mother’s sight on Thursday, January 3, from in front of the house in the Khartoum Belil neighborhood in the center of Nyala, the capital of South Darfur, the tragedy was completed.

Coincidence leads to the corpse

In the afternoon of March 8, 2022 , the neighborhood children and Mohamed Salah peers were having fun and playing football, and during that the ball fell inside the vicinity of the “neighborhood electrical transformer” and one of the children entered to get the ball out. To tell them he found a dead child.

At the sound of the child’s distress, the residents of the neighborhood gathered, and in turn called the police forces, who rushed to the site to take the necessary action, receive the body and take it to the mortuary.
The father of the child, Salah Jumaa, who works as a driver in the Secretariat of the Government of South Darfur, says that that afternoon he received a call from the police telling him that the body of a child had been found in the same neighborhood in which he lived.

ugliness of the scene

Salah Jumaa told to Darfur 24 that  after seeing the child’s body, and it had begun to be deformed, that it might be his son’s body by 95%, but he asked the police to call the child’s mother to complete his identification, and added: Indeed, the child’s mother confirmed that the body belonged to their child, “Mohamed Salah”, and her confirmation only came. of the clothes he was wearing.

Doctor’s decision

Salah says that the doctor’s decision confirmed that his 3-year-old son was strangled, beaten in the head, and one of his ears was cut off, and that his body was so disfigured that he was unable to identify him definitively.

The reasons for the disappearance
The reasons for the disappearance of the child Mohamed Salah, according to his father’s account, are that he received a call from his house in the middle of the day when he was at work, telling him that his son “Mohamed” had left the house and the family members could not find him, and added: I went immediately and wrote a report in the family police station And the child Banyala with the disappearance of the child.

search journey

From the moment of the disappearance of the child “Mohamed Salah”, his family and the police have been searching for him throughout the city, everywhere they expected him to be. March, where he was found by his peers having fun and playing not far from the street where he went out to play.

Legal course of the crime

The father of the child seemed coherent and said that he did not accuse anyone of kidnapping and killing his son, leaving the whole matter to the police and justice agencies, to uncover the circumstances of the crime, identify the perpetrators, arrest them and bring them to justice.
Meanwhile, a police official refused to comment on the incident, saying only that, “Our personnel in the investigation and forensic investigations department are working to reach the perpetrators and bring them to a speedy trial.

widespread condemnation of the crime

The crime of kidnapping and killing the child “Mohamed Salah” shook the city of Nyala and found widespread condemnation from the city’s community, for its ugliness and for the fact that the kidnapping of the child is followed by many on social media, after his image and the reasons for his kidnapping have been circulated in the city councils for the past two months.
Repeated kidnapping of children
Residents of the neighborhoods of “Kongo-Khartoum Bilil” neighborhoods mention two kidnappings of two children three years ago, one in February and the other in March 2019, when one of the children was participating with a group of children in a wedding party in the Congolese neighborhood. Family disputes, revenge or ransom demands.

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