Darfur: Mystery still surrounds the attack on  Kalma IDP camp Report


Nyala, May 16(Darfur24) Mystery still surrounds the attack carried out
by gunmen last Saturday ,on Kalma camp for the displaced people IDPs
15 km east of Nyala, capital of South Darfur, which killed 4 people
and wounded 5 others.

Armed men using two four-wheel drive vehicles, “Land Cruisers and
Hilux”, attacked Kalma camp for the displaced last Saturday afternoon,
when groups of displaced people were watching in the southern football
pitch  of the camp a soccer team exercise.

The gunmen fired heavily at the displaced people IDPs with light and
heavy weapons, killing 3 people and wounding 5 while they were in the
football playground , and then the perpetrators fled to the southern
side, and on their way they met a woman and her son, who shot him and
killed him instantly.

killings were repeated in Kalma IDP camp, where in June 2021, three
people were killed who strayed into the camp, one of them a local
leader, and on April 13, 2019 at the time of clashes between two
groups inside the camp that left more than 16 people dead and others

In August 2010, the camp witnessed confrontations between two groups,
one of whom supported the Doha Agreement signed by the Sudanese
government, some armed factions, and a group of displaced people
rejecting the agreement,however,  the clashes resulted in the death of
more than 8 people.

The General Coordinator of Displaced Persons and Refugees in Darfur,
Yaqoub Muhammad Abdullah Fawry accuses people who were displaced and
later  left the camp of being behind that repeated attacks on the
camp, simply  to destabilize the security of the camp and dismantle

The General Coordinator told  Darfur 24  that they informed the state
authorities of the names of the people who attacked the camp, but that
the authorities did not take any action against them, which was denied
by the state police director, Major General Mohamed Ahmed Al-Zein,
saying, “We were not informed of any information.”

At the same time, Yaqoub Fauri accused a third party of playing the
role of logistical support for the perpetrators in order to implement
the plan to dismantle the camp, for the fifth time since the fall of
the Bashir regime.
Meanwhile, the General Administration of Displaced and Refugees in
Darfur, led by Saleh Issa, accuses the General Coordinator of being
involved in the incident, but the General Coordinator denied that.

The position of the general coordinator of camps for displaced people
and refugees, head of Kalma camp, “Ishaq Muhammad Abdullah,”
reinforced his position by telling Darfur 24 that the camp
administration informed the police, and opened the reports, but the
authorities’ move was surprising after knowing the perpetrators.

He added: After committing their crime, the perpetrators headed to the
southwest of the camp, and then entered the city of Nyala through the
suburb of “Domayeh” to the west, and the security services did not
chase after them, but rather kept watching what was happening to the

The head of Kalma camp denounced the government’s position at the
central and state levels, and its failure to take a decisive position
regarding the protection of civilians after the departure of the UN
peacekeeping mission in Darfur UNAMID.

The State Police Director, Major General Muhammad Ahmed Al-Zein,
confirmed to Darfur 24 that efforts are continuing to prosecute the
perpetrators despite the ambiguity of the incident, but he cautioned
that the State Security Committee will hold a meeting with the camp
leaders and the Humanitarian Aid Commission next week to discuss many
issues, especially those related to the security aspect and securing
the displaced.

Kalma camp for the displaced has been under protection by the United
Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Darfur “UNAMID” since 2008, following
violent incidents between government forces and the displaced that
left dozens dead and wounded, but the mission left the camp in late
2020 after the expiry of its mandate in Darfur.

The Juba Agreement for Sudan Peace, which was signed in October 2020,
provided for the deployment of joint forces of the army, police, rapid
support and fighters of armed struggle movements in Darfur, consisting
of more than 16 thousand members, to protect civilians in displacement
camps, villages and cities in Darfur, but this clause of the agreement
was not implemented.

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