Vital Govt institutions in North Darfur go on strike

مستشفى الفاشر التعليمي


El-Fashir , May 18(Darfur24) A number of civil service establishments
in El Fasher city witnessed went on  strike today ,Wednesday.

The strike incuded  the offices of service affairs departments, money
collectors, store keepers, money-changers, and auditors, while  El
Fasher Stock Exchange went on  a full strike.
Meanwhile, employees of the Ministry of Agriculture in North Darfur
went on  an open strike to protest the non-disbursement of their
monthly salaries according to the new salary structure.

This grumbling among workers in service institutions came against the
backdrop of the Ministry of Finance and Manpower’s payment of monthly
salaries according to the new structure, and the payment of arrears to
some workers in ministries without including the rest of the
ministries and institutions on strike.

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