Volcker: Sudan’s crisis is much deeper than a civil-military dispute


Khartoum, May 19(Darfur24) Head of the United Nations Mission in Sudan
UNITAMS, Volker  said the Sudanese crisis is deeper than just
differences between civilians and the military components.

Speaking to journalists on Wednesday afternoon at the mission
headquarters, Volcker said that the opportunity is still ripe for a
way out of the crisis, despite the dangers surrounding Sudan, in
particular the security situation in Darfur, but he said he was “not

The UN Security Council decided in June 2020 to send a UN mission to
assist Sudan in the transition, with the reservation of the military
component at the time. Volcker attributed the delay in the start of
the preparatory meeting to the reason for the political climate, which
he said is the responsibility of the military to prepare it.

The mission launched a political process after the October 25 coup in
an attempt to restore the transitional path, but it faced many
difficulties. Indirect consultations began with a number of political
parties, while some political forces refused to sit with the mission.

It is expected that the head of the UN mission will present his
periodic report to the Security Council next Tuesday, as  the
mission’s mandate will expire on the third of next June.

Chairman  of the transitional sovereign council , commander  of the
Sudanese armed forces  Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan  repeatedly hinted  to
expel  the mission.

The political mission’s chief  ,Volcker played down the campaigns
calling for the expulsion of UNITAMS from Sudan and said that they did
not affect the work of the mission, and considered that the only
guarantee for any agreement is the Sudanese will to move forward with
what they agreed on.

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