Young men accused of apostasy tortured in prison


Zalengie  , July 10(Darfur24) One of the young men arrested by the Central Darfur authorities on charges of apostasy from Islam said that they were subjected to physical torture inside police guards for three days.


One of the detainees,  named Muhammad Harun Abdul-Jabbar, told Darfur 24 that  police forced the accused, Mortada Ismail, to strip his clothes and beat him in front of the rest of the defendants throughout the night of their arrest.


He added: After we were transferred to Zalingei prison, we were all subjected to physical torture until the moment we were released under the normal guarantee, after eight days, and he added: During these days, we  and our parents were subjected to abuse , and they described us as infidels.


Zalingei police filed  a report No. 1356 under 126 of the Criminal Code against 9 young men on charges of apostasy from Islam, and arrested four of them inside a church in the stadium district, and confiscated Bibles and loudspeakers from the church and is still pursuing the other five

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