Khartoum, September 20(Darfur24) The Forces of Freedom and Change FFC( National)  Consensus  threatened to return to war again if the Juba Agreement was suspended or canceled.

 The official spokesman for the Sudanese Alliance, one of the bodies of national consensus, Hudhayfa al-Bulul, said in an interview with Darfur24 that the Juba Agreement aims to stop the war, and canceling it means returning to it again, but this time it will erupt from within the cities and not in the fringes, and added: We have forces stationed in all parts of the country.

He pointed out that only 3% of the provisions of the Juba Agreement have been implemented, while the rest of the files related to the displaced, refugees, compensation for victims, integration and demobilization have not been implemented  yet.\

 Al-Bulul said that the government’s failure to implement the security arrangements clause, the absence of political will, and the conflicts in the political arena caused the failure to implement a large part of the agreement, even though it received great international attention.

 Al-Bulul revealed that the  FFC National Accord held several meetings with the National Umma Party and the Sudanese Congress, in an attempt to find a way out of the political crisis the country is going through.

 The Forces for Freedom and Change – the Central Council – recently withdrew from the meeting of the Quartet, in refusal to the presence of a number of leaders of national consensus.

Alburhan’s  failure

Al-Bulul said that the head of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan, had failed to implement the decisions of October 25, including the formation of a civilian government of independent competencies, which led to the exacerbation of the Sudanese crisis today.

 He accused Freedom and Change – the central – of concluding an agreement “under the tarbeza” with the military component at the time to end the crime of dispersing the sit-in and bargaining with it.

Resisting   the return of the  FFC Central Council  to power

 He said that the National Accord is following up the recent relentless efforts to restore the central freedom and change of government once again, and stressed that they will take this step in various ways and will not accept “political neglect” as he put it.

He continued, “Any step to restore the Central Council to rule again with the support of Hemedti or others, we will confront it”.