Khatoum, October 18(Darfur24) The Arab Socialist Baath Party announced its full rejection of engaging in any settlement that will not lead the President of the Sovereign Council, Abdel Fattah Al -Burhan and the perpetrators of the October 25 coup  to  just and fair  trial .


The party’s deputy secretary -general Othman Idris Abu Ras said in an interview with Darfur 24 that his party is against any political solution does not lead to ending the coup, accountability, trial of its plotters.


He added: We do not want to anticipate the events, but if they go to the agreement and they said, may God forgive what was previously and that Al-Burhan will not be tried and will remain a general leader of the army , then we will tell them this is not the choice of the Baath Party and we reject it.


The Forces for  Freedom and Change Alliance FFC  offered (Central Council)- Sunday its vision on the foundations and principles of a political solution to end the coup, in which the most prominent formation of a civilian government with full powers to manage the affairs of the country during the transitional period, hold accountable civilian killers and not escape punishment, dismantle the June 30 regime, recover funds and arrange the elections within a period of not less than 24 months.


Abu Ras said that some local, regional and international powers that are driven by their personal interests or vision palaces seem keen on the success of the settlement, and there are those who want to overcome the burden of sacrifices to reach a political solution, but the losses resulting from a political solution away from the mass movement weakened the losses resulting from a mass movement leading to liquidation.
[١٠:٥١ م، ٢٠٢٢/١٠/١٨] birido2016: Communal violence renewed in Lagawa , South Kordofan

October 18(Darfur24) Tribal clashes in the locality of Lagawa in West Kordofan State renewed today, Tuesday, at one o’clock in the afternoon, after the relative  calm over  the past two days.


Lt. Col. Damra Hassan Bashir, commander of the 461 Battalion,  of Division 22 in Banusa, said in statements to Darfur 24 that today, Tuesday, the city was shelled  from the northern eastern direction  with heavy artillery.


Damra added that large numbers of citizens began to leave the city towards Al Obeid  and Al -Fula, and that some of them now under military protection in Lagawa.

Darfur 24 contacted the executive director  of the locality of Awad Ahmed Khalil to clarify the matter more, and I found that he had  left the local with his family.


The  city had lived relatively calm after a visit by the governor of  West Kordofan State on Sunday and Monday, but  the clash was renewed again today, Tuesday