El Geneina , July 10(Darfur 24)

On Tuesday, the parties to the tribal conflict in Forbarnaga locality, “Al-Mahadi and Al-Naja,” signed a reconciliation agreement, following clashes in the “Mangersa” area last week, in which 6 people were killed.

Following the outbreak of clashes, the head of the Civil Administration in West Darfur State, Tjani Al-Tahir Karshoum, arrived at the site of the incident in the “Mangersa” area, accompanied by a delegation from the leadership of the Rapid Support Forces and the civil administrations.

Karshoum said in press statements, “The information indicated that the problem was about to get worse, so we rushed to reach the site of the accident, accompanied by the commander of the Rapid Support Forces in West Darfur and the Executive Office of the Native Administration.”

He pointed out that, following extensive meetings with the two conflicting parties, a reconciliation agreement was reached between them, the most prominent provisions of which were the dispersal of gatherings, the arrest of the perpetrators, the commitment to pay blood money in accordance with customs and traditions, and not to attack the other party.

Karshoum revealed that the problem had been solved and contained once and for all, and added, “A committee of neutral parties from the Forbarnaga and Habila localities was formed to follow up on the implementation of the agreement, in addition to sending military reinforcements from the Rapid Support Forces to impose the prestige of the state.”