El Geneina, July 10)Darfur 24)On Tuesday, the Council of Deans of Zalingei University decided to resume academic activities at the beginning of next August for some batches in a number of colleges.

The Council of Deans, headed by the vice chancellor of Zalingei University, Professor Muhammad Haroun Ibrahim, said in a statement obtained by “Darfur 24” that the Council of Deans reviewed the academic position of the colleges and the availability of data and information regarding students.

The statement added that the university vice chancellor was assured of the status of student records after the colleges were able to prevent them from being lost and convert them to electronic copies.

According to the statement the Council of Deans decided to resume academic activities at the beginning of next August, in addition to opening an office for scientific affairs at the university’s temporary headquarters in White Nile State.

The University council stressed that Scientific Affairs will announce the resumption of studies in the colleges of medicine, forestry, and graduate studies within the next two days, in addition to the date of issuing certificates.

The statement said that the Council agreed to continue efforts to create conditions for the resumption of studies in all colleges.