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International report reveals exciting details about the financing and training of Darfur movements

  Feb 9(Darfur24) A report sent to the UN Security Council by a team of experts said that the Darfur movements still get most of their funding and supplies from their connections in Libya, and revealed that the movements used foreign trainers without consulting the government.   Darfur movements, including...


WFP suspends food distributions in North Darfur

31.12.2021(El-Fashir) The World Food Programme (WFP) has suspended operations across the state of North Darfur in Sudan, following a series of attacks on all three of its warehouses in El Fasher, the state capital.   The suspension could affect close to two million people in the area in 2022. The...


SLM al-Nur Releases a Prisoner of War on Health Ground

  September 11, 2021 (Nyala) The Sudan Liberation Movement, led by Abdel Wahed Nour, said  Saturday  that it had released a prisoner  who fell into its custody last February  due to his health condition.   The  official spokesman of the armed struggle movement , Muhammad Abdul Rahman Al-Nayer, stated that the decision to release  prisoner Abdul...


7 Killed, others wounded in tribal clashes in Darfur

  September 11, 2021 (Nyala) Seven people were killed and others were injured in a tribal violence  between  two ethnic groups in Markundi area of Kabum locality, west of Nyala city, the capital of South Darfur State.    South Darfur State Police Director Major General Ali Hasab al-Rasoul told Darfur 24 that the incident...


Health Condition of Al-Safanna Deteriorates in Prison

  September 8, 2021 (Al-Daein) Family of  prisoner, Ali Rizkallah, also known as Al-Savanah, revealed that his health condition had deteriorated inside the prison, due to a heart disease. Al-Safanna's wife, Zohour Haroun Hassabo, said that her husband is currently living in detention, in poor health, due to heart disease....


Darfur women demand 40% representation in the government  

  August 30, 2021 (Khartoum) The women of Darfur region have asked  the  transitional government to  implement the percentage of women’s participation in government, which was limited to 40%, as stipulated in the Juba Peace Agreement and the  constitutional document.   Speaking to Sudan News Agency on Sunday, Aisha Ibrahim,...


Fact-Finding Committee on  Koolgi incidents to deliver its report on Tuesday

  August 23, 2021  (Khartoum)  Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Mohamed Hassan Al-Taishi, said that the Technical Committee for Fact-Finding on the incidents of  Koolgi area in North Darfur will deliver a summary of its final report tomorrow, Tuesday, to the Governor of North Darfur and the Security Committee....


Protesters hamper oil field production  in East Darfur

  August 20, 2021 (Al-Daein) On hursday, young protesters stopped oil production operations in the Mazroub field 120 kilometers east of El Daein city, the capital of East Darfur state, and seized the heavy machinery of the oil-producing Petro Energy Company in the field. According to some of the young...

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