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DBA calls for an investigation with the army chief in West Darfur

  Darfur24-El-Geneina The Darfur Bar Association  DBA said the recent incident  in El Geneina, the capital of West Darfur state, were the result of the state’s failure at the central level to develop a real strategic plan to disarm all armed militias.  Meanwhile DBA called for the necessity of investigating the...


Governor accuses army of being slow in dealing with El-Geneina incidents

  Darfur24-El-Geneina The governor of West Darfur state, Mohamed Abdallah Al-Douma , accused the armed forces of being slow in resolving the unruly people who participated in Al-Geneina incidents on Saturday, adding, "What happened was not surprising to me". Speaking on radio, Al-Douma said that the cause of the problem...


Sudanese army clashes with armed groups in West Darfur

Darfur24-El-Geneina Security forces clashed in El Geneina city with armed men riding  motorcycles and horses, who arrived from the surrounding areas to support one of the fighting parties in the city. Reliable sources told Darfur 24 that the gunmen, who are believed to be from the Arab tribes, clashed with...


West Darfur Governor Imposes Indefinite Curfew

  Darfur24-El-Geneina The governor of West Darfur State Mohamed Abdallah Aldoma, has imposed an indefinite curfew throughout the state to curb violence and tribal fighting. However, the State governor has also authorized regular forces  to use force against outlaws and put an end to the chaos that has lately engulfed...


Tribal clashes leave over 2 people dead in west Darfur

  EL-Genina- Darfur24 Over two people were killed and other one was variously wounded in a tribal violence in El-Geniena, West Darfur on Saturday morning. Darfur24 correspondent reported from EL-Genina that that a quarrel between two youngsters developed to tribal fighting between Arab and Masalit tribes, leading to two fatalities...


Coronavirus cases rise to 29 in South Darfur

  Darfur24-Nyala The Ministry of Health in South Darfur state revealed on Wednesday that two new cases of coronavirus were recorded in Nyala locality,  bringing the number of infections in the second wave to 29 cases, including three recoveries. In its report issued Wednesday, the Ministry indicated that 15 cases...


Government Deploys Troops in Darfur to Curb inter-tribal fighting

  Darfur24- El Geneina The city of El Geneina, west Darfur  witnessed a cautious calm amid  widespread deployment of armored tanks and military vehicles on the first anniversary of the incident of kerinding IDP camp. Last year the Kerinding IDP camp witnessed a conflict between Arab and Massalit tribes resulting...


A man killed as people celebrate New Year’s Eve in Darfur

Darfur24-Zalingei January 1, 2021 -The city of Zalingei,  capital of Central Darfur, witnessed heavy gunfire in the first hours of the new year's Eve celebrations. However, a young man was killed by a stray bullet, causing chaos in the city  that resulted in  the burning and damaging of Zalingei City Hospital. An eyewitness...


UNAMID to begin actual exit from Darfur

UNAMID: It is not up to the mission to undo the exit decision Darfur24-Nyala UNAMID forces deployed in Kalma camp, 17 kilometers east of South Darfur State, conducted their last patrols inside the camp on Thursday. UNAMID troops have been providing protection to the camp's IDPs   since 2008. However, Darfur...

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