North Darfur government reveals new details on Fataburno attack

أحد جرحى أحداث "فتابرنو"

July 14, 2020 -The North Darfur government, has announced new details on the attack by armed men on Monday in  the town of Fatabruno, 16 km west of  Kutum locality.

The state governor Major-General Malik Al-Tayeb Khojali said in statements this on Tuesday morning, that the state security committee had held a prolonged meeting Monday, by which it decided to deploy large military forces in the areas of Fataburno, Kutum, Kabkabiya and Sirif Bani Hussein to enhance security and contribute to the arrest of perpetrators.

Meanwhile , North State governor, has also  pledged to form a fact-finding committee to investigate the attack.

On Kutum incidents , the governor disclosed  that the security services in his jurisdiction arrested 6 suspects involved in the incident, and they were placed in heavy guard  prison, pending the completion of the investigations.

The military governor , stated that those arrested will be punished under the emergency law in the coming hours, describing the matter as chaos that some people with political agendas , who do not want to stability in the region, stand behind it.
Malik Al-Tayeb pointed out that UNAMID mission had received the injuries of the accident at its headquarters in Kutum, and that they would be transported today by helicopter to the city of El Fasher to
receive the necessary treatment.

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