The death toll of Fataburno attack in Darfur rises to 9 as UNAMID team arrives in the town to investigate the incident

The death toll resulting from the attack by gunmen on Monday, on the Fataburno area,16 km west of the Kutum , North Darfur, has risen to 9  and 11 injuries.

Meanwhile, a team from the United Nations and African Union Mission in Darfur UNAMID has arrived in  the area to get acquainted with causes of the incident.

Kutum and Fataburno areas in North Darfur, are witnessing escalating security tensions these days, against the backdrop of sit-ins of citizens, who are  demanding  security and the disarmament of armed
militias attacking residents on their farms.

On Monday morning, armed militias, riding motorcycles and horses, launched an  attack on the town of Fataburno, leaving scores of residents  dead and injured , in addition to widespread looting of the
citizens’ property.

According to the information obtained by Darfur 24, the gunmen who attacked the citizens of Fataburno area today,  were  outlaws Arabs nomadic, believing  that the demands of protesters in the area
Fataburno  , are against them and the demonstrators are  intending to drive them away from thier areas.

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