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After elapse of four months of the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces conflict, and two months since the assassination of West Darfur state governor, Khamis Abdallah Abakar, the neighborhoods of Aljabal, Altadamon, Althawra, Albuhaira and Aljamarik in the city of El-geneina have become empty of residents except some families who returned to the city after the of the war, however, the city of El-geneina seems calm after end of the fighting and domination of the scene by the rapid support forces RSF and its allied Arab militias .

The above-mentioned residential areas were subjected to systematic looting, torching. doors , windows and sealings of some house were looted and ransacked, in the animated and crowded streets before the war, now you can only see pedestrians here and there…

Residents who have recently returned to their homes are facing dire livelihood situations due to the loss of food stock and belongings in addition to the burning of household assets .

Since eruption of the conflict four months ago , government institutions started to cease work gradually, one after another, while others work in half capacity.

Addressing a crowd in the city of El-geneina ,deputy governor of West Darfur state Tigani Altahir said that three section of El-geneina hospital (Accidents and emergency, children section, laboratory) had resumed work after the three months stoppage.

Darfur24 correspondent said doctors without borders MSF managed to deliver shipment of medicine to the hospital and also started monitoring the children section of the hospital .

There is no running water in El-Geneina now, so residents resort to surface water from the traditional wells, while others are obliged to drink rainwater gathered in the pools in some districts of the city, while Altadamon charity organisation is exerting efforts to deliver water to residents using tanks loaded on trucks.

Darfur24 correspondent said the city has been without power since intensification of the war, and the residents live in darkness since that time, however, the power station employees and workers have been unable to reach their workplace. But the power station employees have been working hard over the past two weeks to restore the power to the city, according to Darfur24 correspondent who have recently returned to the city.

The main market of the city still closed, but there are commercial activities in some markets in the vicinity of the town where most residents hail from Arab tribes, but Alzariyba market is the only market that combines people from various tribes, including Massalit and Arab tribes.

El-Geneina coordination committees, issued an statement seen by Darfur 24,saying that the security situation in the city still unstable and the mobile and internet network is totally down , in addition to what the statement described as (strangers ) still loot the southern and western neighborhoods of the city and demolish mud houses in Abu- Zar and Kerinding IDP camps.

The rapid support forces RSF, dominate three quarters of the city and its entrance, while the army controls Ardamat area which houses the Sudanese army base in the city.

El-Geneina consist of four counties, three of them are under RSF henpecking .

Speaking to gathering of community leaders, deputy governor of West Darfur state, said that he had authorized the rapid support forces RSF to maintain peace and security in their area of jurisdiction , while mandated the Sudanese army to keep security in the area of their control and Alnasim bridge remains as buffer zone.