Darfur 24 is an independent electronic newspapers, whose mission is to publish accurate, reliable, objective, balanced and comprehensive press stories. Darfur 24 also seeks to be a model for free press, unrestricted exchange of ideas and the transmission of information according to international press traditions.
We in the Darfur newspaper 24 volunteer journalists who believe in freedom of expression and access to information, and we believe that individuals and societies should have the freedom to tell and share their own stories and opinions.
Darfur newspaper provides 24 accurate, impartial coverage of events related to Sudan in general and the Darfur region in particular. It seeks to communicate the correct information, and encourage citizens to tell their stories and interact in order to reach a more open and continuous society at a time when the space for freedom of expression and publication related to the crises of the citizens of Sudan and its various regions is narrowing.

This news website is independent of all parties, but it is biased towards society and its issues. It is addressed to all Sudanese readers and all the people of the world who are interested in topics related to Sudan and its surroundings.

Darfur 24 journalists make every effort to reach places, people and entities that other media do not reach, and their journalists produce story stories about their reality.
The work of the Darfur electronic newspaper 24 is carried out by a team of professional journalists who rely on reliable sources, they publish on the newspaper’s website continuously and in a short time the latest news in addition to the latest videos and photos from Darfur and all of Sudan, and they follow statements on topics of interest in order to provide the correct information and high quality They seek to provide a serious and professional informative article.
Darfur 24 newspaper promotes and maintains human rights and dignity and promotes the values ​​of equality, democracy and freedom. The newspaper does not permit the publication of ideas that advocate or encourage discrimination.