Port Sudan, April 28( Darfur 24) Sudan asked the UN Security Council to hold an urgent meeting of the Council to discuss the UAE aggression and hold it legally and criminally responsible for the crimes it commits against the people and the state. Sudan submitted an official complaint toContinue Reading

  Cairo, Feb 15(Darfur 24)The Coordination of Civil Democratic Forces (CCDF)and the Arab Socialist Baath Party announced today, Wednesday, that they had reached a joint agreement on measures to stop the war and restore the path of civil democratic transition in Sudan. The two parties revealed in a joint statementContinue Reading

September 16, 2020 (Khartoum) The Sudanese government has taken firm measures to protect the national economy and deter saboteurs. The measures included follow-up and inspection of the banking system. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdok chaired a meeting that included ministers of the economic sector and leaders of theContinue Reading

September 14, 2020-Economists have unanimously agreed that there are counterfeiters, politicians, corrupt, and greedy merchants, who intentionally destroy the Sudanese economy by buying foreign currencies, specifically the dollar, in any price because some of them obtained the national currency by “theft”, and others own machines that counterfeit the Sudanese pound.Continue Reading