El Fasher April 2 (Darfur 24) A number of people were killed and wounded, at dawn on Monday as Sudanese Army launched airstrikes on the city of Kabkabiya, 136 kilometers west of El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur state. Eyewitness Yahya Ibrahim Daoud told Darfur 24 that warplanesContinue Reading

  El Geneina , April 2(Darfur 24) There are fears among workers at the Ministry of Health in West Darfur State about the spread of serious diseases and epidemics in light of the low level of treatment services. The preliminary committee of the Sudan Doctors Syndicate says that medical andContinue Reading

  El Geneina, March 26(Darfur 24) On Tuesday, 1,364 tons of humanitarian aid destined for west and central Darfur states arrived in the city of El Geneina the capital of West Darfur state after a hiatus that lasted for more than five months. The Sudanese authorities had prevented the entryContinue Reading

    El Fasher, Feb 9(-Darfur 24) The local authorities in the Zamzam camp for the displaced people announced the death of three children due to the lack of food in the camp after they fled to it from the Abuja and Abu Shok camp, north of Al -Fasher. GedoContinue Reading

  El Fasher, Feb 4(-Darfur 24)The city of El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur, witnessed a large movement of citizens from the northern and eastern neighborhoods to the southern neighborhoods of the city, shelter centers and the Zamzam camp for the displaced, 17 km southwest of El Fasher, afterContinue Reading

طفل حديث ولادة بمستشفى الضعين

  El Geneina, Jan26( Darfur 24)The Ministry of Health in West Darfur State confirmed that 63% of the total 240 health institutions have returned to providing treatment services to patients in the various localities of the state. The Director General of the Ministry of Health in West Darfur State, Dr.Continue Reading