El Fasher, Feb 9(-Darfur 24)

The local authorities in the Zamzam camp for the displaced people announced the death of three children due to the lack of food in the camp after they fled to it from the Abuja and Abu Shok camp, north of Al -Fasher.

Gedo Adam Youssef, representative of the displaced people at the Secondary Center for Boys and Salam “18”, said in a statement to Darfur 24 that the fleeing of the displacement camps in Abuja and Abu Shok to Zamzam camp within three months due to the armed clashes witnessed in the city Lack of food, medicine and shelter tents, forcing families to rely on pushing their children to be begging in the civil market.

Youssef indicated that the center witnessed the death of a number of children as a result of hunger, as three children died last weekend.

And the Darfur correspondent monitored 24 on Wednesday, the tragedy of the displaced people at the Secondary Center for Boys Salam 18, as they are the open of the open, where cases of wasting appear among the children and some mothers.
The French MSF had said in a statement that the conditions are catastrophic in Zamzam camp, before it indicated death rates among the children, which reached 13 cases a day.