El Geneina , April 2(Darfur 24) There are fears among workers at the Ministry of Health in West Darfur State about the spread of serious diseases and epidemics in light of the low level of treatment services. The preliminary committee of the Sudan Doctors Syndicate says that medical andContinue Reading

  Khartoum, December 28(Darfur24)Sudan’s Federal Ministry of Health in Sudan, in cooperation with the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, will launch Thursday  a compensatory vaccination campaign to immunize  children against polio and yellow fever   The immunization campaign will kick off on  December 29, 2022 Continue Reading

  El-fashir,May23 ( Darfur24) preliminary report released by water and environmental sanitation project of North Darfur shows that the death of over one thousand livestock in Almalha locality north of the city of El-fashir was attributed the polluted water drunk by the animals.. Community leaders in the area told Darfur24Continue Reading

  Nyala-Darfur 24 The Sudan Supreme Council for Environment and Natural Resources organized a training course for journalists in the five Darfur states on media handling of environmental issues. Three working papers were presented in the workshop that dealt with the Environment Protection Act for the year 2020 , andContinue Reading