Nyala, November 8(Darfur24) The administration of Nyala Teaching Hospital in South Darfur transferred a number of patients from the Pediatric Surgery Department DPS  to the Police Hospital, after stopping the provision of treatment services in the division earlier this week.


Director-General of Nyala Teaching Hospital, Dr. Khaled Ahmed Ali, acknowledged that the Pediatric Surgery Department had stopped working since the beginning of this week, due to the end of the work period of the doctors working in the department and their unwillingness to continue due to the lack of a working environment of aids, incentives, housing and medical devices, including the endoscopes.


Dr. Khaled regretted that the department, which is the third after the departments of Khartoum and Al Jazeera states, was suspended due to the lack of commitment of the Department of Therapeutic Medicine at the Federal Ministry of Health and the state government to the department and its employees.


He said that his administration is currently seeking to find a doctor to open the department. He added, “We have found a doctor, but he will arrive at the beginning of next year.”


Khaled explained that the department is concerned with pediatric microsurgery and considers it a rare specialty.


“The state government and the Federal Ministry of Health should have provided an environment that motivates doctors to stay in the department”. Khalid concluded.


While a medical source working in the Pediatric Surgery Department who prefered his name not be mentioned , said that one of the doctors ordered them to explain the children from the ward and close it officially without telling the reasons.


The source told Darfur 24 that closing the department ,which was  opened in the year 2020 , will lead to a humanitarian disaster.


He explained that the department performs delicate surgeries for children, such as “plastic surgeries, opening the rectum, exploration, brain operations, and congenital surgeries,” which were transferred to Khartoum.


He indicated that the department saved the costs of transferring patients from Darfur states and neighboring countries to Khartoum, and that it works with a bed capacity of 20 patients and receives more than 500 children per month.