Dilling, June 12(Darfur 24) Two people were shot dead by gunmen inside their farm in the Hajar al-Nahl area, 6 km east of Dilling city in South Kordofan state, last Sunday. An eyewitness from Dilling told “Darfur 24” that “the two dead, Abu Janqi, a muezzin in theContinue Reading

المستشفى الجنوبي

  El Fasher , June 10(Darfur 24) The Director-General of the Ministry of Health in North Darfur State, Ibrahim Abdullah Khater, revealed on Sunday that a number of wounded patients had been killed following the Rapid Support Forces RSF ttack on Al-Fasher Southern Hospital, which eventually got out of serviceContinue Reading

معارك الفاشر

  El Fasher , June 9(Darfur 24) Three children and an elderly woman were killed, and five others were seriously injured as Sudanese army warplanes launched Sunday airstrike on Alkoma, 76 kilometers northeast of El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur. A medical source at Al-Koma Rural Hospital told DarfurContinue Reading