The Transitional Cabinet has announced that a huge fire that broke out on Tuesday inside the Salome Ceramic Factory in the suburb of Kober, in the industrial zone of Khartoum North, has caused 23 deaths and more than 130 injuries so far. The Council of ministers directed the formation of a commission of inquiry to determine the cause of the fire and avoid future recurrences of such unfortunate incidents. The council said in a statement received by Darfur 24, that Bahri hospitals, the international hospital and al-Amal hospital are currently providing medical care for burns, while a number of cases have been transferred to the hospitals of Omdurman , police and Al Ban Jadeed . According to the statement, the Federal Ministry of Health, mobilized all its capabilities to face the situation and launched an appeal for citizens to donate blood to meet the growing needs. A number of officials went to the scene of the incident, led by the Minister of Industry and Trade and the Governor of Khartoum to find out measures to fight the fire and mobilize all available capabilities to cope with this disaster.
It is noteworthy that, the disaster of the ceramic factory occurred as a result of the explosion of a gas tanker which was unloading its shipment in ground tanks, where preliminary observations indicate the absence of necessary safety tools , in addition to poor storage of flammable materials, contributed to the continuation and extension of the fire and the destruction of the plant completely.