Various cities in the states of Darfur, witnessed processions, on Tuesday, commemorating the thirtieth of June  anniversary of the glorious Sudanese revolution.
However, resistance committees and forces of the revolutionary movement throughout Sudan  had called  for the marches,  demanding the correction of the track of the Sudanese revolution and achievement
of its goals.

In El Fasher, the oldest city in Darfur historically, processionsroamed the main streets of the city, reaching the center of the main market, where revolutionaries chanted  slogans and carried  banners
supporting civilian rule and demanding peace and the prosecution of symbols of the former regime, along with the dismissal of the military governors and the appointment of  civilian ones, and they also called
for the necessity of expediting the announcement of the report of the committee, investigating  the army headquarters  massacre.

A member of the Freedom and Change Forces in North Darfur, Mohamed Salem told Darfur 24 that all people still adheres to protecting the revolution in order to achieve its goals, adding that “officials must
speed up the appointment of state governors and bring the perpetrators of Darfur’s crimes to justice, saying  that blood of the martyrs will not go in vain.

In the city of Nyala, the capital of South Darfur, thousands of people participated in the June 30 procession, which  started  from the cinema  roundabout  to the martyr al-Suhaini Square in the city center.

On Monday, the state government announced some  security measures,aimed at  protecting  marches and  property of citizens, and at the same time warned against infiltrators seeking to use the June 30
“million marches” to cause chaos and vandalism in the city, and the authorities closed the major Mecca bridge  that connects the south of the city to the north, which hampered the arrival of demonstrators  on
time to  launch the procession. Spokesperson for the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA), in
South Darfur, Nur ad-Din Mohamed Suleiman, stressed that if the demands of the revolution were not implemented, the people are ready to go out against Al-Burhan, Hamdouk.

In West Darfur state, the people  of El-Geneina city came out with mass  processions calling for correcting the course of the revolution, the marches,  roamed the streets of El-Geneina city, untill they
reached  the government’s secretariat, however, they delivered a letter to  state governor,  calling for dismissal of  former regime supporters who  are still clinging on power .

The revolutionaries stressed that these processions are required to complete the transitional authority structures, achieve lasting peace, and address the issues of the displaced and refugees.