July 6, 2020 (Khartoum) Prime Minister, Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk issued a decree, Sunday, establishing a National Mechanism to Coordinate with the International Mission (UNITAMAS).

The United Nations announced, late June, the indefinite   postponement of the deployment of the new political mission to support the transitional government in Sudan, “UNITAMS” due to  Coronavirus

However, the tasks of the committee, which  was formed on  Monday, is to  directly coordinate  with UNITAMS mission to determine  Sudan’s federal and State needs for support according to what was stated by
the letter of the Government of Sudan to the United Nations on February 27, 2020 .

The committee will be supervised by the Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Ambassador Omar Manis, and representatives of the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Interior, Federal Governance, Finance and Economic
Planning, Labor and Economic Development, alongside representatives of the Military Intelligence Authority, the General Intelligence Service, the Disarmament and Demobilization Commission, the Humanitarian Aid
Commission, as well as a number of ambassadors.