UNITMAS advance team meets head of  Sudan’s Peace Commission

Chairman of the Peace Commission in Sudan, Professor Suleiman
Al-Dabailo met in his office at the commission’s HQ  on Monday with
UNITMAS mission advance team and discussed the prospect of cooperation
and coordination with the UN political mission during the next period.

Al-Dabailo, said that the Commission is looking forward to signing the
peace agreement so that  the vision becomes clear on how to deal with
the UN mission in Sudan UNITAMS, taking into account that after
signing the peace agreement, there will be new partners in the

UNITAMS was established by the UN Security Council Resolution 2425
for an initial period of 12 months, to help Sudan during the
transitional period.

The Chairperson of the Commission described the meeting as fruitful ,
useful  and provided an opportunity to learn about the mission’s tasks
and the prospects for cooperation.

The head of the planning team, Stephen McCoyer, said that the UNITAMS
planning team arrived in Sudan for a short period to prepare options
at the technical level for the deployment phase of the UNITAMS unit on
the ground.
“The team will consult with the Sudanese government and the executive
committee to assess how the mission would execute its mandate” McCoyer

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