2021-08-07 (El-Fashir)  North Darfur State Security Committee issued a statement revealing the circumstances of the armed fighting that took place in the Koulgi area, west of the city of El Fasher, the state capital, on Friday, which claimed the lives of leaders and soldiers of the armed struggle movements.

According to the statement that in the wake of the incidents that took place in the Qalab area in the past few days, the State Security Committee formed a joint force of 100 combat vehicles, including 28 vehicles from the armed struggle movements, to secure the agricultural season, provide security and protect the citizens of the state.

The statement mentioned that the force, which includes the army, the police, the rapid support and the central reserve, has moved to the conflict areas, while the forces of the peace signatories movement have lagged behind due to  lack of readiness.

“Yesterday morning, the movement’s forces moved to join the rest of the joint forces in the village of Tabit, and on their way they clashed with a force that has not yet been identified, leaving scores injured and dead” the statement added .

The statement indicated that against the background of these events, the State Security Committee held a meeting in the presence of representatives of the leaders of the peace parties, and came out with a number of decisions related to the formation of a joint force of 45 cars to join the force at the scene of the accident, and the formation of a committee to investigate the incident headed by the Public Prosecutor.